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  1. (Staffan) Spencer Holms

    North Korea & China


    Special private invitations enabled us to travel within this secluded country of DPRK. Unforgettable and really hard-core dictatorship experienced. Lovely and humoristic people in meetings person to person. China stop-over in Beijing for some days onlty.

  2. (Staffan) Spencer Holms

    Eastern Europe


    Belarus (Minsk) – Ukraine (Tjernobyl), Crimea and Odessa. The Swedish village Zmvieka south Ukraine was visited. High altitude driving Carpatian mountains in Romania one of the highlights of this tour as well as driving in endless fields of Moldova.

  3. Peder S

    Trans Pyrenean Expedition 2002


    Ten vehicles, divided into two groups, crossed the Pyrenean Mountains in 2002 from south-east to north-west covering about 12 days to complete. The team was traveling on small roads and tracks on the mountains and visting the Death Villages and many other remote places. By clicking on the link below, you can read the personal story from the venture produced by the Second Group.

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