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Otto Bentsen # Posted on 19 September, 2017 at 20:05

Jeg mailet med en kar i Sør-Afrika om kjøp av bil. Jeg ville helst ha en LC78 med pop-up tak, men det hadde han ikke. Disse er jo også gode biler. Fullt utrustet. se vedlegg.

Good day Otto

Thank you for your interest in our vehicles for sale.
Please Note: we do not have any Land Cruiser 78 series remaining in our fleet anymore.
If the vehicle is registered in South Africa, you are free to travel to Tanzania, or almost any African Country.

Currently we have availability of the following models: 2014 Toyota Hilux (HilC2 & 4), 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser (CruC2 & 4) and 2015 Toyota Hilux Bush Campers (HilCAM).

We generally retire our vehicles from the fleet when they reach 3 years of age and/or around 180,000km to 190,000km on the clock.

The Hilux sells for ZAR270,000, the Land Cruiser for ZAR440,000 (NOK 257796) and the Hilux Bush Camper for ZAR380,000 (NOK 222642) all fully safari equipped for 2-persons. The 4-person equipped vehicle option is an extra ZAR9,000. (The price might vary slightly depending upon the vehicle age and mileage).

A 20% deposit is required to secure the vehicle in your name.

We sell all vehicles with a 30-day warranty should anything go wrong in that time period.

Please see the attached specification sheets for vehicle information & equipment supplied. (HilC2, CruC2 and HilCAM list all equipment supplied for the standard 2-person option. HilC4 & CruC4 list all equipment supplied for the 4-person option).

All vehicles come fully safari equipped and have upgraded tyres, long range fuel tanks and dual battery systems and are also fully serviced before the purchase.

We can arrange to get the vehicle registered into your name. If you are a foreign buyer, then you will require a Traffic Register Number (TRN). The cost for this is ZAR3,000. Normally, this can be quite tricky for foreigners to obtain.

We can also put you in touch with Insurance Companies that have helped to insure our foreign buyers.

For Long term storage (LTS) of the vehicle, we can recommend a very reputable company that caters for LTS at a very reasonable ZAR350 p/month. On your arrival and departure from the airport, they will also deliver and collect the vehicle from you.

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