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Otto Bentsen # Posted on 28 April, 2017 at 13:16

Kunne tenke meg å få med dette også, på veien mellom Kiev og Odessa. Det er et museum, booking trengs ikke:

The Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces near the Ukrainian town of Pervomaysk is one of the greatest places we at Comtourist have visited in the former Soviet Union. Almost everything at this former missile base still works as it did before it was decommissioned in the early nineties. We descended in the command centre and got to push the button that would have launched the bomb. The Pervomaysk missile base, operated by the 43rd Rocket Army, was the main site of total ten ICBM launch sites in an area of 30KM. The former missile base is located in the countryside near the town of Pervomaysk in the Luhansk region halfway between Kyiv and Odessa.

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